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Hathi-Sathi Program

Elephants crossing Nuxalbari

Love wild elephants? Concerned about Human-Wildlife Conflict? Help save India's wild elephants. Volunteer in our Elephant Protection Program

Ride at Nuxalbari with the Pros


Ever fantasised about playing polo? Experienced rider wanting a long hack? Here's your chance at the Royal Bengal Polo Club at Nuxalbari. Great horses. Great instruction and 1200 acres to explore on horseback.

The Wwoofing Program


What does it mean to make World-class tea? Learn the fundamentals of organic farming and tea making...

Have an existing tea business or want to set up one?


Buy the world's best quality organic teas from Nuxalbari.

Write to us and we will help you set up your tea business. 

Nuxalbari Biodiversity Program


We aim to plant 25,000 trees a year for the next 10 years. We want to create a tropical paradise, a bio-diversity park where birds, butterflies and bees...and true lovers of nature find a home.

Want to join? Support this initiative?

Nuxalbari Charitable Clinic and Creche

Dr. Barbara Nath Wiser volunteers at Nuxalbari

Are you a doctor, trained nurse, homeopath or midwife looking to spend a few months? We are always looking for help to treat our 1,000 workers and their kids.