3-Day Tea connoisseur's course: Part 1 Growing tea

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The History & Geography of Tea


Learn about the fascinating history of tea and Nuxalbari's own story. Learn about the importance of geography and terroir. What is terroir? Why is it important? How does it impact tea? Why are the best teas only grown in certain areas around the world?

How do you grow tea?


Learn everything from choosing planting material: seeds vs. clones, what's the best kind of cultivar to plant to make green tea, orthodox or oolong? How do we plant? How do we raise young tea? How do we raise it to become healthy, leaf-giving mature tea?

How do you pluck tea?


Once the tea sapling has grown into a mature bush how is the tea plucked? It's tougher than it looks. Which leaves need to be plucked, which have to be left on the bush if it is to survive? Spend a day learning the rigorous art of hand plucking tea

3-DAY TEA CONNOISSEUR'S COURSE: Part 2: crafting tea

How is Tea Made?


Green Tea...black tea...chai...oolong... white tea... herbal tea... there are so many teas in the universe. How is it all made? Once the leaf is brought to the factory how do you actually make tea? Does green tea come from a green tea bush and black tea from a black tea bush?

You will tour the factory, but what makes this course unique is that we will teach you how to hand-craft your own teas so you can with confidence know how each variety is made.

What is Grading & Blending?


Why is tea graded? Why do we blend tea? What is a tea standard? What does Broken Pekoe mean? FTGFOP, TGFOP, blah blah...it's a whole different vocabulary! Yes, and you will learn what it all means.

What do Tea Tasters Taste when They Taste Tea?


We will teach you how to assess and taste green tea, black orthodox, and CTC  Chai tea. With these fundamentals in place you can, with confidence, taste any teas in the world.

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The  cost of the 3-day Tea Connoisseur's Course, including room and board, all three meals every day, and all course materials is Rs.20,000 per person. To book your spot, please write to us at  info@nuxalbaritea.com