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Nuxalbari 100% Certified Organic Tea: Great Taste. Good Health

About Us

The Property

Located in Darjeeling District, Nuxalbari Tea Estate (alt 700 ft.) is a pleasantly wooded,1200-acre property  just 15 minutes from Bagdogra Airport and 1 hour from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) Railway Station. It nestles snugly in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, and is a tropical paradise with lush vegetation and a variety of birds.  We often have bands of wild langurs, the solitary leopard and herds of wild elephants traversing our estate.



 Nuxalbari Tea Estate is perfectly located for exploring the neighbourhood. It is a 2 hour drive to the town of Darjeeling, 2.5 hours to Kalimpong, 4.5 hours to Gangtok, Sikkim and a 5 hour drive to Bhutan.  

A Brief History

Once forming the southern border of the Kingdom of Sikkim, Nuxalbari Tea Estate, like the rest of north Bengal came under  British dominion after the Anglo-Bhutanese war in the 19th Century. 

Soon after, British colonial adventurers began their experiments with tea plants smuggled from China, planting estates all over the Darjeeling area and beyond. 

Nuxalbari Tea Estate was established in 1884, and incorporated into a tea company in 1910. Our oldest tea bushes date back to 1890 and are still thriving. 

In 1967 a violent peasant and student uprising began in Naxalbari, the small village neighbouring the estate. Though the Naxalite Revolution claimed many lives, Nuxalbari Tea Estate remained untouched. 


The answer to this mystery is known only by a few...

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There is an entire universe waiting for you at Nuxalbari to give back to the world. If you are a doctor, trained nurse, a student, an artist, a yoga enthusiast or just someone with passion and curiosity who has a few weeks or months to spare...


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Nuxalbari Tea Estate

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