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Crafting Tea

Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong, CTC, Orthodox, Iced Tea, Steamed and Roasted Green Tea, Pan-Fired Green Tea... we, at Nuxalbari, make them all. 

How long should tea leaves be withered? Should it be withered? Should it be withered in the shade or sun? How long should it be rolled? One roll or two? Pressure? Fermented or not? If so, for how long under how much humidity? 

Dryer temperature? One fire or two? Steamed? For how long? At what temperature? 

These are some of the questions one asks when crafting tea. And like a true artist, the tea master really doesn't have all the answers, remaining a student for life, experimenting, failing, learning and re-learning, perfecting the craft, which always remains short of perfection. 

This is what makes making tea such a maddening, fascinating and rewarding adventure.