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Our Biodiversity program promoting strategies for climate change mitigation

The Plan

We have an ambitious program to plant 25,000 trees a year for the next 10 years, dig ponds, plant shrubs, create grass-ringed reservoirs with their own micro-climate. Why so many trees?

Because we LOVE them and want to make Nuxalbari a sanctuary for wild elephants, birds, butterflies, bees and... nature lovers.

Join Us!

The planting season for trees starts at the end of April and finishes by the end of June, just before the heaviest part of the monsoons. 

We need volunteers to dig pits and plant saplings. 

Here's an opportunity of a lifetime: to make a difference, to create forests when the rest of the world is cutting them down. 

We can't pay you, but promise you delicious food, a comfortable bed and lots of fun!

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Our Nursery

We have identified several local species that we propagate in our nursery that include many flowering and fruit trees, besides shrubs and grasses.


Chukrasia, the Indian Mahogany 

Terminalia Arjun

Derris Robusta

Albizia Odaratissima

Albizia Lebeck

Albizia Procera

Jalpai, Indian Olive

Toona Sinensis, Red Cedar

Jarul, Lagerstromia speciosa

Bokain, Melia azadarach

Sal, Shorea robusta

Kathal, Jackfruit



Gamhar, Gmelina arborea


Pink Cassia

Yellow Cassia